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With a Slick Rotating Design, the Revov Tray Box Keeps Your Everyday Carry Organized

Revov Tray Box | $70 | Kickstarter
Gif: Whitson Gordon

Revov Tray Box | $70 | Kickstarter

At the end of the day, I empty my pockets onto my dresser—and after a few days, it becomes a cluttered mess. I’ve always liked the look of “EDC” organizers I see on Amazon and Pinterest, but the kickstarted Revov Tray Box puts its own twist on the concept—literally.


Most organizers offer a simple dividing tray, so you can neatly store your keys, wallet, and other pocket fillers without making a mess. Some may even include a drawer of some sort for “overflow” items—the stuff you don’t need every day but want handy, like sunglasses, earbuds, flash drives, or extra cash. The Revov Tray fills the same void, albeit with a uniquely clever design that’s as functional as it is cool.

The wooden tray on top holds a few items. Spin it around on a metal peg, however, to reveal a deeper, metal container beneath—with magnets that “pop” the top tray into place when you flip it open. It seems gimmicky, but it’s actually a lot easier than the cheap felt-and-pleather drawer models I’ve used in the past, which often require two hands to open. With the Revov Tray, you can flip it with one finger, grab what you need, and get out the door. The heavy metal bottom ensures it doesn’t move around, and a model with optional dividers allows you to customize how the inside is laid out. (I prefer it without the dividers, personally.)

I wish the magnets were a bit stronger, as the tray can sometimes flip a little too far past them. Then again, that’d make it a bit harder to close, so I see why they went with the strength magnet they did. You also can’t put it up against a wall, though I haven’t found that to be a problem—just keep in mind the open position when you place it in its home.

The list price on the Revov Tray Box is $70, which is up there, but the quality is also noticeably better than the $30 ones you’d find on Amazon, which are usually made out of cheap leather and felt rather than wood and metal. If you want to save a bit, you can grab it right now from the Kickstarter page for a pre-release price of $58, for estimated delivery in July. That’s pretty typical for well-made similar products, and it’s definitely worth it given the construction quality. I was genuinely surprised at how useful it was, and my wife is happy my dresser isn’t such a mess.

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