Photo: Superga x DEERDANA

Dana Veraldi, mastermind behind NYC-based label DEERDANA, is known for her kitschy, off-beat illustrations, and she’s bringing those illustrations to Superga’s minimalist sneakers.

The Superga x DEERDANA collection is about Dana reminiscing about her childhood, playing in the woods in her backyard. The shoes themselves are classic white lowtops, Superga’s 2750 style, but with a DEERDANA twist. Choose from three unique illustrations featuring snakes, bumblebees, or ants. The uppers are decorated in black pen-like doodles, plus the shoelaces are covered in drawings as well.

It’s not the first collaboration that Superga has done, but it’s one that stands out among the rest. It’s not with another real “brand” but with an illustrative artist that has created a powerhouse name for herself in beautiful, custom-looking doodles.

Each pair will run you $89 ($59 for the kids versions) and make those doodles you did on the rubber sole of your Chuck Taylors in middle school look like crap.