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Samsung's New Monitors Actually Let You Use Your Desk For Desk Things

Computer monitor desk mounts are a dime a dozen, but I don’t think any of them have ever looked as sleek the ones built into Samsung’s new Space Monitors.

The Space Monitor, available starting next month in 27" QHD ($400) and 32" 4K ($500) versions, comes with a sleek, adjustable desk mount that can go completely vertical to store your screen flat against the wall when not in use (thanks to the precise groove on the back of the display), or bend down far enough to actually rest the bottom of your screen on the surface of your desk. And on the back of the arm, a custom cord channel holds your HDMI and power Y-cable in place, so you never have to see it.

The screens themselves seem gorgeously minimal, with flat, understated sides, and practically no bezel on the left, right, or top. The bottom bezel is a bit larger, and ruins the otherwise perfect design with a Samsung logo (because Samsung), but it still looks like one of the cleanest displays out there. Interestingly, Samsung’s announcement makes no mention of the panel technology, but at $400-$500, one would have to assume that they’re IPS.


If you already own a perfectly good monitor that you’re happy with, you can get a really great mount with cord routing for about $30, with almost all of the same functions. It won’t let you put your screen quite flush against the wall, it won’t look as pretty, and you may even still be able to see your cables, but it comes close enough for most of us. If you’re in the market for a new display though, these prices, particularly the $500 4K model, aren’t that outrageous. You’ll be paying a bit of a premium, sure, but not nearly as much as I would have expected for a new Samsung flagship product.


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