The Exercise Dress | Outdoor Voices
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

You can do anything in a dress! At least, that is what Outdoor Voices wants you to believe when wearing The Exercise Dress. If you’re not familiar with the dress, it is a piece of activewear that looks like a dress on first glance but can actually handle a light or vigorous workout.

The dress was designed with women in mind. It is made of nylon and spandex to be lightweight and breathable whenever you sweat. The dress has a built-in shorts liner that includes a side pocket, which is perfect for holding your phone during a run. While wearing this dress, you can run a marathon, skateboard, go hiking or rock climbing, golf, play tennis, or go for a regular workout at the gym.


People loved the Exercise Dress so much, they’ve introduced six new colors. You can now get the dress in Provincial Blue, Dove Frost, Mineral Blooms, Deep Blue, Paprika Blooms, and Biking Red. Though we must note, it looks like Provincial Blue is already sold out online.

I previously wrote about the Exercise Dress for The Inventory:

When I say the dress is comfortable, I mean this dress is really comfortable. I 100% could have taken a nap on my couch after my workout. I loved not having my sports bra digging into my side, or my T-shirt flying up in the middle of burpees, or my leggings rolling down while I was squatting. When Outdoor Voices pitched this apparel item with the tagline, “You can do anything in a dress,” I straight-up laughed to my coworkers, but in this dress, you really can do basically anything.


You can get the Exercise Dress on Outdoor Voices’ website for $100 in sizes XS to XL.