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Glossier Play Is No No-Makeup Makeup

Glossier Play
Glossier Play
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Because time is a flat circle, minimalist makeup pioneer Glossier has declared that maximalist makeup is back with launch of their new brand, Glossier Play.


Described on its site as a line of “dialed-up beauty extras,” Glossier Play isn’t playing around when it comes to color, texture, or uh, glitter. The brand currently offers four products: Vinylic Lip, an ultra shiny lip lacquer in the same vein as Milk’s Lip Vinyl; Colorslide, an eye liner pencil with a gel-like feel; Glitter Gelée, a glitter jelly pot; and Niteshine, a pigmented, liquid highlighter. Each product comes in bolder, more saturated hues — not to mention a lot more sparkle — than we’re used to seeing from the cult-favorite “skin first, makeup second” beauty brand.

Two new tools round out Glossier Play’s debut collection: Blade, a sharpener for Colorslide, and The Detailer, a silicone-tipped brush meant to be used to apply Glitter Gelée. Each product in the line is under $20, or you can get one of each for $60. “We believe the best part about going out is getting ready,” reads new messaging on the site.


This is only the beginning for Glossier Play; Glossier CEO and founder Emily Weiss wrote on Instagram that there’s more playthings to come from the new brands, plus Glossier has really nailed down that social media marketing strategy when it comes to creating hype around periodic new releases. “There will be more—more colors, more textures, more ways to dial up your look. The one thing that won’t change is Glossier’s simple and intuitive approach to design that’s consistent across everything that we do,” Weiss writes.

With the brand’s move into maximalist territory, one thing is clear: Glossier is making a big play for the makeup-loving market.

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