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Forget Foam. Your Next Roller Should Be Made of Cork.

There are few more delightful feelings in this world than stretching your body over a foam roller. Like your own personal massage therapist, a roller makes all your muscles feel like they’re melting. It’s impossible to feel tense whilst stretching with a foam roller. If I could, I’d remain slumped over a roller for the rest of my life, except unfortunately, it’s very difficult to type in that position. Don’t think I haven’t tried it.


Foam rollers are perfect in all respects except for one: the fact that they’re made of foam. Luckily, 42 Birds has already solved this problem you didn’t know was a problem with their new cork roller, The Warbler.

Foam, you see, contains chemicals that are not great for your skin, not to mention the planet. Cork, meanwhile, is sustainable (since it’s harvested from trees), anti-microbial (because, ya know, your back can get kind of sweaty), and it won’t change shape over time after repeated use.

Illustration for article titled Forget Foam. Your Next Roller Should Be Made of Cork.
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Unlike your average foam roller, The Warbler is dense and actually sort of heavy 42 Birds sent me one to try, and after carrying it home from the office, my arms were tired. Then again, I’m very weak. But that extra weight is not for naught; The Warbler really applies pressure on your muscles in a way that foam just can’t. Not to mention, The Warbler features distinct ridges over its surface, which really do the trick when it comes to loosening up tension and rubbing out knots.

Finally, The Warbler is not hideous, like most foam rollers are. Yes, I know you can buy, like, an unassuming black foam roller, but no matter what color the roller is, I’m guessing you’d still just shove it in a closet or slide it under your bed to keep it out of sight. I’m actually OK with leaving The Warbler out, though. Cork is a nice neutral, and I really don’t mind seeing this aesthetically pleasing cylinder in the corner of my apartment. And if nothing else, keeping it out reminds me to use it more.

You can bring home a Warbler of your own by giving at least $39 to its Kickstarter campaign. Since it will eventually retail for $60, you’ll want to bankroll it now, especially since that price is only available for less than two more days.