Image: Tom Ford

Look, Tom Ford perfume is expensive, but this $310 1.7oz bottle of perfume called Fucking Fabulous is objectively...not fucking fabulous. But, it’s still pretty damn cool.

I feel like I missed the boat on this one because it came out in September of last year, but seems to just now be making its way to Sephora, which I think speaks volumes as to where the retailer’s head’s at. And, to be fair, most of the fanfare that came from it was surrounding the brand’s Spring 2018 collection show, when invites to said show came with samples of this fragrance.

Image: Tom Ford

It’s no surprise that Tom Ford knows what he’s doing when it comes to unique scents (Oud Wood is one of my favorite scents of all time), so you’ll probably love it. It’s online only and limited edition but promises notes of “Fresh lavender, Bitter Almond, Vanilla, Orris Root, Irris Flower, and Leather,” which sounds more to me like something I want Tom Ford himself to whisper in my ear after a few Old Fashioned’s than a description of a perfume.

The tendency to dial back on strong fragrances these days is hugely main stream, with scents like Glossier You, Proenza Schouler Arizon, and Byredo Gypsy Water taking over wrists and Instagram feeds everywhere. But it seems that Fucking Fabulous is something all on its own.


Honestly, if I had $310 lying around, I’m just get the damn thing to put on my dresser for shits (fucks?) and giggles.