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Behold, GIF Peanut Butter

Jif x GIPHY Creamy Peanut Butter | $10 | Amazon

What’s funnier than a joke from 2012? Recycling it for a whole new generation while everyone who laughed the first time around finds new pleasure in their ironic detachment from all things pure and sincere. Anyway, on an unrelated note, here’s GIF peanut butter.

Almost a decade removed from the height of the GIF versus JIF pronunciation discourse, the company that once got ratioed into oblivion after tweeting this scorching hot take appears to be reversing course. In collaboration with GIPHY, the looping image search engine database that ruined online political arguments forever, it’s selling—deep breath—GIF peanut butter.

It’s okay, take a seat if it helps.

This limited edition 40 oz. jar of regular ass creamy peanut butter is, according to the Amazon marketing copy, “Perfect for sandwiches, baking, and shutting down internet debates.” But the real crime is the reversible label. Whereas on the outside it says GIF, the inside is business as usual, a standard Jif label indistinguishable from what you’d find at your local supermarket.

I’m not sure why you would flip it inside out after buying the peanut butter for ostensibly for the hysterical knee-slapper (otherwise, you could buy two jars of 40 oz. peanut butter for $10 on Amazon). But hey, maybe grandma is coming over to forage your pantry for snacks and you don’t want to explain a meme from almost a decade ago. In which case, fair enough.

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